Welcome to Lucky Dawg.

I came up with Lucky Dawg about ten years ago. I wanted to do a werewolf story, but break all of the rules of werewolves. Of course, it also had to be action packed.

I’ve searched for artists in the past, but none of them could really click with what I had in my head. So I put Lucky Dawg to the side and worked on other things. That is until 2006, when I discovered Pow Rodrix by accident. I had done an artist search for a completely different story and Pow didn’t submit to me until a few weeks after I already found an artist. Thing was, Pow’s samples were so good. I had the Lucky Dawg story all plotted out already, so I figured why not. When he sent back the character sketches, I knew he was destined for greatness because he completely got it. The characters were even better than I imagined.

Now here’s how stupid I am. I decided to do both Lucky Dawg and the other comic at the same time. At the time, I wasn’t making that much money. I had been getting credit cards, but let’s face it, that only makes matters worse. Came to a point where I had to make a decision on which comic I could continue. You can figure out which was chosen.

I had plans to submit this to Image, but I also was tired of doing the old 5 page submission thing. In my opinion, 5 pages get you nowhere. I wanted to actually complete something. It’s what any comics creators want, to make comics. But I did submit this to Image too soon (no colors, no sound fx, sloppy lettering), mainly because of The Astounding Wolf-man was announced and I wanted to see if Image had room for two superhero werewolf comics. Naturally, they didn’t. We did have an opportunity to submit something else. Maybe we should have, but I had it stuck in my thick skull that we needed to complete this. So we did. It wasn’t easy. There were certain points where Pow had to step down as artist. But we got through it and finished 4 issues, even going on to more.

Anyway, this here is a sort of beginning. Time-line wise, that is. It’s an short story that is an expansion of a flashback page in the first issue.


Art by Pow Rodrix
Colors by Guillermo Ucha
Letters & written by Adam J. Monetta