Ah, there you all are.

I thank you for your patience.  I had hoped that the break wouldn’t be too long, but things happen.  The main series will begin soon enough, but first is another Lucky Dawg Bite.

It should be noted that I really wanted to steer clear of vampires in Lucky Dawg.  Mainly because LD is meant to be way more a super hero style comic than a horror one, despite the werewolf angle.  I always felt werewolves are the one horror based characters that can steer clear of the horror angle.  But over the summer, there was this wave of sissy vampires movies and tv shows along with really lame treatment of werewolves.  I decided Lucky Dawg has to represent.  So I present, along with newcomer artist Elton Dias and regular colorist Ucha, Lucky Dawg Vs the Hollywood style vampire!

Art by Elton Dias
Colors by Guillermo Ucha
Letters & written by Adam J. Monetta