This here is the cover for the Lucky Dawg Bites short story anthology. There are going to be a few short stories here before the new arc starts.

Something happened earlier this week that made me laugh. Lucky Dawg has made the Bad Webcomics Wiki. If you’ve never heard of the site, they basically trash webcomics that don’t look professional, that have nudity and sex, are looking for donations from readers and other nitpicky things. So why has Lucky Dawg been chosen? Let’s take a look…

…eh, not much there. Defining Flaw: “Neo-Dark Agean violence excess disguised as a comic.” Wait a minute? “Agean”? Does the reviewer mean “Aegean”, like the Aegean Apocalypse, where a mysterious army known as the “Sea People” attacked coastal civilizations in the Aegean Sea? Much like how the Minions attacked the city of New Llello in my comic? No, it’s not that clever. The reviewer was simply using “Neo-“ as a prefix and “-an” as a suffix for “Dark Age”.

The “disguised as a comic” line made me laugh as well. As if someone were to walk by a comic, pick it up and the comic suddenly attacks. The victim falls, pulling off the comic costume, exposing the truth.

Victim: Neo-Dark Agean violence excess?! I would have never suspected it was you with that disguise.

And that’s it. There’s more on the page, but it’s basically an explanation on how to do a critique. So it’s technically blank. Now when my comic appeared on their site, it was a heavy traffic day. I can only assume that anyone visiting from that site read through most, if not all, of the completed story arc. Where’s the bashing? All they can say is that Lucky Dawg is a violent action comic. That’s the point! And people enjoy it.

Lucky Dawg has been up on the site for almost a week now. Even if they were going to put something there now, what’s the point? Venom is strongest after getting bit and gets weaker the longer it stays inactive. It’s like angrily yelling at someone, then after having time to think about it, guilt begins to form. Should have attacked when they had the shot, because now I can’t take anything they say seriously. But I appreciate the hits.

Art by Pow Rodrix
Colors by Guillermo Ucha
Lett… oh, wait, I didn’t have much contribution to this page other than coming up with a parody idea.